The Key To Saving Thousands

Key Property Inspections Will Help You Unlock The Real Value Of Your Property

Everything eventually wears and depreciates in value – buildings included.

Fortunately you don’t need to eat the cost of your building getting older. You can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars.

How? By using a Tax Depreciation Schedule. A depreciation schedule assists you in paying less tax. A depreciation schedule will give you a year on year figure that you can claim, effectively reducing your taxable income.

Key Property Inspections can assist you by preparing a thorough depreciation schedule that will allow you to recoup part of the costs of owning an investment property.

This is a once off cost that will save you money for years and years to come.

Can I get my accountant to do this?

While accountants are great at doing what they do; only a quantity surveyor is allowed to estimate the costs of construction on properties built after 1987. Quantity surveyors are also the experts when it comes to preparing these schedules.

So we’ll leave the accounting to the experts, and do what we’re best at.

Can I claim depreciation on my property – no matter how old it is?

What kind of depreciation you can claim depends on the age of your property and when you purchased it.

For properties built after 16th September 1987 you will be able to claim both the Building Allowance and the Plant and Equipment if you purchased it before May 2017.

For properties built before then you’ll only be able to claim the Plant and Equipment.

To find out more about what exactly you can claim you should get in contact with us.

So How do I get a Tax Depreciation Schedule?

There is a simple three step process to getting your savings started:

  1. Get Us Involved
    Get in contact with us for a quote on your Schedule
  2. Get The Property Details Organised 
    We perform a full inspection to identify and unlock the maximum saving potential.
  3. Get Your Depreciation Schedule
    Your Schedule will be prepared within 7 business days, then you just need to hand it to your accountant to begin saving!

I’ve only just found out about tax depreciation! Is it too late?

No! In fact with a Tax Depreciation Schedule your accountant can amend your tax returns for up to two years. Meaning that you have savings just waiting to be claimed.

Join the 10%

Nearly 90% of people underestimate the power of tax depreciation, they don’t claim it and lose thousands of dollars in tax offsets. Don’t be one of them, book an assessment today and start saving.