example report of building inspections

It’s an Australian dream to own a building or property. Owning a building is a critical achievement in your life. One of the ways you can do this is by buying a building that is already built. This saves you the cost and hassles involved in building a new property. You should make sure the building you invest your resources in is worth the price and matches your lifestyle. It’s not possible to know this if you don’t check it before you close the deal with the seller. This brings in the importance of performing high-level building inspectors. The services of building inspectors are crucial. Key Property Inspections can help you do thorough checks that will help you make the right steps as you buy your desired building.

Understand if it is worth paying the price quoted

At Key Property Inspections, we’ll help you know if it is right for you to pay the price quoted by the seller. Note that at times sellers do quote price without doing the proper inspections to understand the actual state of their buildings. Building inspectors will do the checking to ensure that everything is intact and that your building is worth the price. In case, some issues require being resolved, such as repairs of dysfunctional fixtures, we advise you before agreeing with the price. In such situations, we either recommend you to ask the seller to do the repairs or reduce the amount so that you can afford to repair it yourself.

Buy a building adhering to the right building standards

There are building codes in Adelaide that every property must meet. These are codes that are set by the building authorities and the SA government. Many property owners have been fined or have their buildings demolished for failing to adhere to these codes. You don’t have to buy a building that doesn’t meet these requirements. One of the goals of Key Property Inspections is to ensure that home buyers pay for homes that meet the right standards. Our inspectors will check the building on your behalf, ensure that the house is perfect to be listed in the property market and worth being occupied.

Help you from being scammed

Like in any other businesses, there are frauds in the property market. It is easy for you to be scammed if you are not sure how the value of any building is determined. Building inspectors and their services are invaluable because it helps in determining the cost of a building listed for sale. We inspect the building on your behalf and inform you of the actual value to help you avoid making the wrong decision before purchasing. Get a pre-purchase building inspection today so you don’t have to worry about anything.